Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Five - 2.16.09

Today was such a very boring day! I couldn't think of anything to make my picture of the day. I took some of Laykin and they weren't all that great. : ) When Laykin layed down for her nap I went outside and got some flowers to take photos of. I personally think I got a pretty good pictures. : ) This is my favorite!

: ) What do you guys think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day Four 2/15/09

Today was pretty much my dads day. It was the first Nascar race of the season so he was glued to the TV. However we went *before the race* and looked at a few cars. (Were looking to buy me one.) After we got home, he got glued to the television and me and Laykin went to the park and Goodwill. :) After we left the park, we drove by my favorite building in town. It's an old hotel that they are supposed to be rebuilding but it doesn't look like it. As I drove by I took a picture of it. Yes, as I was driving by. I didn't aim it right, just generally aimed my camera toward the building, at an upward angle. I had the camera set on Flash and Macro as usual and I actually like the picture that I came up with.

One of these days I really want to go into this hotel. It's so gorgeous!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Three - 2/14/09

first off... Happy Valentines Day!!

When the day started I was sure I would get my picture of the day when we went to the park. I couldn't wait to go, kept hassling my dad to hurry up. When we were outside sitting on the porch I started taking pictures to get a feel for the day, the brightness and getting warmed up to taking pictures. I was taking pictures of the flowers, our dog, and my dad and Laykin. That's when I got my picture. When I got home tonight and started messing with the days pictures... this one picture took my breath away. I love it. It looks so amazing. I don't even remember taking this picture though. I still can't believe that I took this picture... in my opinion it looks so professional. It's like perfect timing I guess. I took this picture with my Norcent 10 megapixel and it was on regular flash with the Macro turned on.

I love this picture so much. It's definitely a favorite of a lot of my pictures. I hope it's not just me thinking this picture is gorgeous.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Two - 2/13/08

Today again was nothing special, we sat at the house most of the day, went and got groceries but that was it.

I left the big door open all day and Laykin kept going over to it and looking out the door. It was adorable. She kept screaming "Bird! Bird! Bird!" I couldn't help but take pictures of her. This was my favorite.

I took this picture with my Norcent 10 megapixel camera. I had it set on Macro and the flash was on.

I can't get over how much I love this picture. :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day One - 2/12/09

Today is Day One of my Project 365, it was a rather normal day. Me and Laykin just sat at the house, playing. However, we bought her a new Car seat last night and I thought since the box was so very big I could cut the flaps off and turn in into some sort of playhouse for Laykin. I did that today and that is what my picture is of. She loved it!! I always knew children loved boxes more than toys but WOW! lol. She has played in that box all day long, put her blocks in there, her babies, everything. It's so cute. I couldn't help but take a picture of her playing in it. She's adorable and I love her so very much!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It is Febuary 11th, 2009, me and a friend have decided to try the Project 365. Its where you take a picture everyday for an entire year. You take the picture of whatever you want... your kids, your dog, that flower in the front yard, even a piece of paper, it's all up to you, then you write a blog about the picture telling what is in, why you took that picture for the day picture, and what happened to make you take that picture. I love the idea, even though I know all of the pictures will probably be of my daughter. I think it will be a great journey and a great opprotunity to make me a better photographer and writer.

So it begins tommorow. My journey of taking a picture for a year.

Denise Rambo

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