Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day Four 2/15/09

Today was pretty much my dads day. It was the first Nascar race of the season so he was glued to the TV. However we went *before the race* and looked at a few cars. (Were looking to buy me one.) After we got home, he got glued to the television and me and Laykin went to the park and Goodwill. :) After we left the park, we drove by my favorite building in town. It's an old hotel that they are supposed to be rebuilding but it doesn't look like it. As I drove by I took a picture of it. Yes, as I was driving by. I didn't aim it right, just generally aimed my camera toward the building, at an upward angle. I had the camera set on Flash and Macro as usual and I actually like the picture that I came up with.

One of these days I really want to go into this hotel. It's so gorgeous!


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