Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Three - 2/14/09

first off... Happy Valentines Day!!

When the day started I was sure I would get my picture of the day when we went to the park. I couldn't wait to go, kept hassling my dad to hurry up. When we were outside sitting on the porch I started taking pictures to get a feel for the day, the brightness and getting warmed up to taking pictures. I was taking pictures of the flowers, our dog, and my dad and Laykin. That's when I got my picture. When I got home tonight and started messing with the days pictures... this one picture took my breath away. I love it. It looks so amazing. I don't even remember taking this picture though. I still can't believe that I took this picture... in my opinion it looks so professional. It's like perfect timing I guess. I took this picture with my Norcent 10 megapixel and it was on regular flash with the Macro turned on.

I love this picture so much. It's definitely a favorite of a lot of my pictures. I hope it's not just me thinking this picture is gorgeous.


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